Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be a Tree for Preschoolers?

By Judi Dowson

I did the Be A Tree presentation at a day care centre. I was a little concerned that the 4 year olds might not comprehend - NO WAY!! They got into the "acting" session big time. They were fantastic! There were two sessions and I was told they were different kids in each session, except for one little boy. His primary language was German, but somehow he picked up on the word "turkey". It was hilarious to watch him interacting with the pictures, yet every other word (other than German) was "turkey". We had a lot of fun!!! Since then, I have had two kids ask to pet my dog. When I asked where they learned that - they said "You were at our day care, remember!!!" A total feeling of gratification.


  1. I also am interested in Be at Tree for preschoolers. I've been trying to get some ideas. I'm glad to hear the children are receptive.

  2. I am part of a non-profit organization in Canada and would very much chat with you about the workshop you did with pre-school children. Dis you use "Be A Tree" as is? If you modified it, whatt did you do? how many children? what age? Do you intend to do a follow-up with the kids to see what they have learned long term? etc. I'd like to know more...

  3. From Judi Dowson:

    There were a couple of inquiries regarding my recent post about presenting "Be A Tree" to preschoolers. Yes, I used the the program as is only toned it down a bit to suit the ages (3 & 4 year olds), trying real hard not to use big words like "body language" without some explanation. They sure caught on fast! Each session involved 18 kids. They got into the role playing (Mum, Dad, Child, Dog & Handler) really well and the kids who were left sitting on the floor were yelling out the tools they were to use! Of course, everyone wanted to be a dog!! And, naturally, Simon Says was a big hit. I suggested to the workers that I would be happy to come back and see them again towards the end of the school year. They thought this would be a good idea. The one thing that kids this age want to do is tell you their stories during the Q & A session, which was fine with me. Even the little "turkey" boy had a story to tell, albeit in German