Friday, April 17, 2009

Dog Bite Prevention Week - 3rd Week in May

Dog Bite Prevention Week is the 3rd week in May. This is a great opportunity to do some community service, educate the public or local school children and promote your dog-related business at the same time.

We have lots of information and downloads at our website, many of which you can copy and distribute for free.

Click here to download our Dog Bite Prevention Week press release. Doggone Safe members, you can download this as a Word file and customize with your own contact and other information as required. It is available at the member web page.

Member Benefits

Not a member? It only costs $20 to join. Click here to see some of the member benefits. Benefits include $10 off the Be a Tree teacher kit, $10 off the Basic Body Language on-line course and $10 off the Be Doggone Smart at Work on-line course. We are practically paying you to be a member!

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