Saturday, April 18, 2009

IPDTA Conference - Perceptive Concepts

When: May 2-3, 2009
Where: Kitchener ON


Jesus Rosalez-Ruiz - Poisoning the Cue, and how to make 100% positive reinforcement training a reality without sacrificing a dog.
This MUST SEE presentation will provide visual and scientific proof of how the smallest, most subtle and seemingly harmless aversive can destroy a dog's willingness to learn. "This PowerPoint presentation was a real eye-opener for me and made me re-examine everything I am doing!" Norma Jeanne

Dr. Stanley Coren - Canine Personality and Temperament Testing

Teresa Lewin - Tears and Fears - Recovery after the Dog Bite

Kathrine Persal - Chewber - The Power of Toys in Training

Norma Jeanne Laurette - Positive Reinforcement vs. Positive Punishment

Discussion Panel - Training Problem Solutions

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