Saturday, May 2, 2009

Doggone Safe Radio PSAs

Tracy Block of Big Dog 92.7 Radio in Regina Saskatchewan created some fantastic Public Service Announcements for radio. A huge thank you to Tracy, Big Dog 92.7 and Astral Media for helping to spread the word about dog bite prevention.

Radio stations (in North America anyway) are required as part of their licensing agreements to devote some airtime to Public Service Announcements free of charge. These PSAs would be perfect for Dog Bite Prevention Week (the 3rd week in May). If you think your local radio station might be interested in airing one or more of these PSAs, please send them the links below so they can listen to them. If they are interested in obtaining broadcast quality versions, they can contact Tracy Block at

Listen to the dog bite prevention PSAs:

PSA #1 (60 sec): 26 Stitches (get out the Kleenex for this one!)

PSA #2 (60 sec): Adopt a Classroom

PSA #3 (45 sec): Learn to Be a Tree

PSA #4 (45 sec): ReLearn ABCs

PSA #5 (60 sec): Review ABCs

PSA #6 (30 sec): Straight Facts

PSA #7 (60 sec): Strange Dogs

PSA #8 (60 sec): SVMA100th

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