Monday, May 4, 2009

More About the Alpha Wolf

Here are two more articles I have found to go along with my previous post about the debunking of the wolf pack/dominance theory.

One is by wolf expert David Mech. Here is the final paragraph of the article:

"Hopefully it will take fewer than 20 years for the media and the public to fully adopt the correct terminology and thus to once and for all end the outmoded view of the wolf pack as an aggressive assortment of wolves consistently competing with each other to take over the pack."

Click here to download the article:

L. David Mech. 2008. What Ever Happened to the Term Alpha Wolf? International Wolf Magazine. 18:4-8.

The other is an article by dog behavior expert Dr. Sophia Yin detailing her journey from dominance-based training to positive-reinforcement based training.

Click here to download the article:

S.Yin. 2007. Dominance vs Leadership in Dog Training. Compend Contin Educ Vet. 27: 414-417, 432.

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  1. Excellent articles, Joan. There is also the second edition of Barry Eaton's excellent booklet, "Dominance". It is an enhanced version of the original, with much input from Ray Coppinger.