Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Dog Takes Baby from Crib

A tragic story was reported from Kentucky, where the family dog took a 4-day old baby from his bassinet and carried him 200 yards to the woods behind the house. The baby, Alexander James (AJ), suffered multiple injuries. A week later AJ is improving but is still in hospital in serious condition.

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Update 1 week later

The dog has not shown any aggressive tendencies according to the family. If the dog had intended to hurt the baby, he would have been killed says the dog owner and father of the baby. Indeed it is unlikely that the dog had any violent intent and was probably carrying the baby for the purpose of moving him. Dogs do sometimes move their puppies from place to place and there have been other instances reported of dogs carrying newborn babies.

A newborn baby is something very strange and confusing for the family dog. The smells and sounds that a baby makes can be intriguing or disturbing to the dog. Baby sounds are similar to those made by animals in distress. This could trigger an instinct to move the baby to a "safer" place or could trigger a predatory instinct. Either way, the outcome would not be good for the baby.

This very sad situation for AJ's family serves as a reminder that the family dog must have no unsupervised access to the baby. Closing the baby's door is the best way to ensure that the dog cannot access the baby.

Our hearts go out to AJ and his family as we hope for his full and rapid recovery.

Doggone Safe recommends the Dogs and Storks program for expectant parents who want to prepare the dog for the arrival of the new baby.

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