Friday, August 28, 2009

Advice for Be a Tree Presenters

This was posted to the Doggone Safe presenters Yahoo group today by Kerry Potter-Kotecki of Doggone Safe. I thought it might be useful to all of you Be a Tree presenters...
My name is Kerry and I became involved with Doggone Safe after my daughter was mauled by neighbor's dogs several years ago. Fortunately she survived and is doing just fine, but I am also passionate about teaching dog body language and safety. I have been presenting for about 6 years. Through the years I have learned what techniques seem to keep the kids the most interested. One of them I got from our educator Jen Shryock:

Right after teaching the "how to be a tree" part I then ask the kids to think of a squirrel.... I say "what does a dog do when it sees a squirrel?" They will respond - he chases it. Then I say - so if you run, move around or make a lot of noise, then you are like a squirrel and the dog will stay interested in you. Instead be a tree ... trees are boring and the dog will lose interest.
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