Friday, August 28, 2009

Kathy Sdao Clicker Workshop in Calgary

Doggone Safe member Tammy Brooks of Sit Happens Dog Training in Calgary is hosting an advanced clicker workshop with Kathy Sdao in Feb in Calgary.

The Advanced Clicker Training Workshop is designed for the experienced clicker trainer who understands and can apply this dog-training technique. Created as a follow-up to Kathy’s highly successful “Know Way, Know How” workshop, the “Advanced Clicker Training Workshop” will further your knowledge and training skills, offer insights and guide you to the next level of skill.

Expect lots of dog training and demonstrations, as well as Kathy's cogent lectures using lots of visual aids. Topics include:
  • The Core of Clicker Training;
  • Shaping with Purpose;
  • Technical Breakdowns;
  • Adding the Cue and Stimulus;
  • Chaining;
  • When to Stop Clicking;
  • Reliability;
  • Advanced Concepts Dog Training.
Kathy works with an assistant, Dorothy Turley, providing support, positive reinforcement and an overall excellent learning environment for all participants.

When: Feb 20-21, 2010

Where: Sit Happens Dog Training, Cagary AB

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