Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seasonal Safety Tips to Prevent Dog Bites During the Holidays

Now that the fall season is well underway most dogs have adapted to the back to school routine (hopefully). Just as things have settled down into a predictable pattern, we throw them for a loop with new and strange activities. Thanksgiving is coming for Canada, followed by Halloween, then American Thanksgiving and then Christmas followed closely by New Years Eve. An Australian study found that there are more dog bites reported over New Years than at any other time of the year. Many factors can account for this, including changes in routine, the presence of visitors in the house, the combination of accessible food and children and lapses in supervision. Dogs can become stressed and anxious at these busy times.

Doggone safe has tips for parents and dog owners to help reduce the risk of the family dog becoming stressed to the point of biting or having the opportunity to bite anyone.

Please visit our Holiday Tips page and our Halloween Tips page

Download our Holiday Tips press release and our Halloween Tips press release.

If you are a Doggone Safe member, you can download versions of these from the Members web page which you can customize.

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