Saturday, October 17, 2009

Be a Tree Feedback

We get lots of great feedback from kids, parents, teachers and presenters about the Be a Tree program. The program is intended for kids, but we have been told over and over that adults learn a lot from it as well, and appreciate that this is available for their kids. Yamei Ross (pictured at right) of Canine SOS in Oshawa ON sent us this note:

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the presentations. The kids are very enthusiastic and love participating in the role playing activities. I had some parents come up to me after the workshop thanking me for presenting this type of program. They were so appreciative that an organization exists that is willing to take the time to educate and properly inform families and kids about dog safety.

We have a feedback form for teachers and parents to fill out in order to help us assess the effectiveness of the presentations. A big thanks to Teresa Lewin, Yamei Ross, Esther Horn, Tonji Stewart and Sally Cleland for sending in these forms representing the views of 70 adults who have observed the Be a Tree presentation. The responses are summarized below:

The respondents answered each question (A-H) on a scale of 1-5. The numbers on the vertical axis of the graph represent the number of people responding. The questions were as follows:
A: How much did you learn about bite risk reduction?
B: Did you enjoy the presentation?
C: Do you think the children enjoyed the presentation?
D: Do you think the children will be safer around dogs?
E: Was the presentation age-appropriate?
F: Did you find the photos helpful?
G: Were the role playing and Simon says activities helpful
H: Would you recommend this presentation to others?
We find it very interesting that 94% of these adult observers chose a value of 4 or 5 on a scale of 5 to represent how much they learned about bite risk reduction. Most people think they know quite a bit about dogs, but the key body language information that we teach in the Be a Tree program is not known to most, as these survey results indicate. Many of the parents and teachers who included written comments noted that even adults can learn from this.

Even though the presentation is geared for children, 96% of the adults chose a value of 4 or 5 on a scale of 5 to describe whether they enjoyed the presentation. A similar percentage felt strongly that children would be safer around dogs now. Everyone felt that they would recommend the Be a Tree program to others.

Many of the adult observers were kind enough to provide written comments as well as filling out the questionnaire part of the form. Here are a few of these:

Very informative and very fun for the kids. - Parent

It was very good. Even I learned a few things! - Parent

Love the photographs! Love the tree metaphor and the practicing of it. - Parent

It was a very informative session. The presenter was interesting and kept the children focused. Most/all children have some experience with dogs, so I felt it was a very necessary session. - Teacher

Excellent - should be used with all grades - Teacher

The children were very attentive during the presentation they seemed to be learning a lot. - Teacher

Thank you. It was very informative even as a dog owner. - Parent

Great interactive presentation. - Teacher

This was a very practical presentation and age appropriate. I feel it would benefit all grades k-6. Thank you very much for helping to make our students safe. - Teacher

Fabulous presentation - even experienced "dog people" can learn from this. - Teacher

I was totally impressed with the presentation and observed the children respond in a manner which reflected their understanding. The information was delivered in a clear, engaging manner and even the adults learned from it. Thank you! - Teacher

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