Thursday, October 1, 2009

Be a Tree PowerPoint Now Available

In response to many requests we have created a PowerPoint version of the Be a Tree program. This is now available in the Doggone Safe store. The price is the same as the Be a Tree teacher kit ($100). The package of both the physical teacher kit and the PowerPoint costs $120. If you have purchased the Be a Tree kit in the past, you can send us an email asking for instructions to purchase the PowerPoint for $20.

See the presentation as a Flash file (use the player buttons to move the slides forward or back).

What you will get with the PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint show with 21 slides that will play whether you have PowerPoint on your computer or not.
  • PDF with Simon Says and Toolbox card text.
  • PDF file with notes to explain the animations and to remind you of what to say about each slide.

What is different about the PowerPoint compared to the teacher kit version?

  • Several new graphics like the one above to illustrate some of the concepts.
  • A "strange dog" moves across the screen at several times during the show. This is instead of the "snarly dog" that you hold up during the live presentation.
  • There are various arrows that move to indicate and highlight specific aspects of some of the photos.
  • A video that demonstrates how to be a tree is included. Watch the video.
Available from the Doggone Safe store

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