Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dog Bite Victim Rehab

Doggone Safe cofounder and dog behaviour specialist Teresa Lewin has developed some creative approaches to help dog bite victims overcome fear. Teresa has worked with psychologists to help child dog bite victims. Teresa's approach includes using photos and games to help young victims become more confident around dogs. The intention here is to help with desensitization before moving to the presence of a live dog and also to teach about dog body language. Children who can understand dog body language are not likely to assume that all dogs have aggressive intent and are more likely to act rationally and without fear. This in turn makes them less likely to scream and run away from dogs, actions that could easily cause them to become bite victims again.

Here is a video that shows Teresa working with Paige using the cards from the Doggone Crazy! board game and the large photos from the Be a Tree Teacher Kit. Teresa and Paige are using the TAGteach approach to reinforce the correct responses.

Click here for more information about the Doggone Crazy! board game and Be a Tree Teacher kit.

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