Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doggone Safe Course Review

Educating clients has never been easier!

By Tamara Leader - President-elect of the SAVT

Recently, I took the online Doggone Safe dog bite prevention course. This course is a great opportunity to learn some new canine behavioural tips and to earn 3 CE points! As a special offer to members of the SAVT we’re offered a permanent discount, so we pay $20 as opposed to the regular $30 fee.

The course is set up in a simple, easy to view format. It’s broken down into Lessons so you can do a few and then go back and do some more. The thing I liked the best about this course is how detailed it is! There are lots of videos and pictures that really help get the point across. It also gives a more complete overview on the important points that we need to emphasize when we’re teaching the dog bite prevention course, and/or when we’re educating clients.

The idea of a quiz at the end may scare most people but you get 3 chances to pass it with 100% so there’s no pressure!

Listed at the end of the course, as well as on the doggone safe website, www.doggonesafe.com, are some very useful websites for yourself to reference or to recommend to pet owners coming into your clinic .

I think this course is a great resource to recommend to new or potential new pet owners. As an additional step, after taking the course yourself, you may want to take the initiative to promote this to your local SPCA/ Humane Society as something for them to promote to people before they purchase their new pet. The more education we can get out there to our existing and potential clients, the more we as techs can prevent unnecessary dog bites!!

For more information or to register visit www.doggonesafe.com

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