Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Rose for Judi

Thanks to Judi Dowson for sharing this lovely experience she had as a result of offering the Be a Tree program in her local community.

Our local (as local as I can get since I am out in the boonies) shopping centre held a "Family Day". They cordoned off most of the parking lot and had all the local stores participating in kind of a sidewalk sale, magicians, contests, doggie events, etc. I put up a small table to promote my dog training business and also St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs. Of course, my attraction was my little Italian Greyhound who is proudly displaying a bright yellow splint due to a broken leg.

I had a number of kids come up to me calling me "Judi" and after the first three or four, I finally asked one little girl how she knows my name and promptly did the "Be A Tree" pose. I was tickled. But what impressed me the most was the parents who thanked me profusely for going to the schools and teaching this to the kids. One lady, after talking to her for a bit went into the florist and came back with a single rose for me. Darn near brought tears to my eyes!

Find out more about the Be a Tree program at www.be-a-tree.com.

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