Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help Doggone Safe When You Shop

We have signed up with to raise money for our efforts to help dog bite victims. This is essentially a rebate program, whereby online retailers give you a rebate and you in turn donate it to Doggone Safe. The rebates from each purchase are small, but many of them together will add up to benefit Doggone Safe.

There are over 700 online retailers participating in the program. Major retailers such as Expedia, Chapters, Kodak Gallery and Amazon participate. The prices are exactly the same as if you were not going through In fact there are often special discount offers and coupons for igive customers. The buying process is exactly the same as any online buying except that you log into your igive account and then you access the store so that they know to give a rebate.

You can also raise money by searching the web after logging in to your igive account, even if you don't actually purchase anything. $0.02 is donated for each search.

What you do if you want to help:
  1. Sign up for an account at igive by clicking here
  2. When you are asked to choose whether to receive a check, a tax receipt or no tax receipt, please do not choose to receive a check or the rebate will not go to Doggone Safe.
  3. Go to the igive list of retailers and bookmark it, or even drag it to the task bar of quick links near the top of your screen for easy access.
  4. Go to the isearch page and bookmark that in case you want to search for something to buy.
Here is an example.

Say you wanted to buy something from Home Depot. You would go to and login. Type "home depot" into the search box and you will get a result showing the US and Canada stores. You can check out the coupon links to the right or just go straight to the store and buy whatever you want. There will be no more interaction with igive and your shopping experience will be the same as always. The rebate will automatically be credited to Doggone Safe.

If you are looking for Canadian stores, use the search box rather than the Canadian stores list, since there are many stores not listed in the Canadian stores list.

Try it out when you do your online Christmas shopping. It is very easy!


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