Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Case File: A Brave Child Saves Himself by Being a Tree

This week's case file was kindly provided by Beth Wheeler of Marblehead MA and originally published in the Feb 2005 issue of the Doggone Safe newsletter

So... Jake, Frank & I were at our nephew's house to visit our newest grandniece - adorable. Our nephew and his sweet wife have a miniature greyhound looking dog (obviously not sure of the breed...). Anyway, Jake was having fun playing with Simon who seemed perfectly happy with the attention. Later in the evening, Simon was sitting with my Niece-in-law and Jake leaned in to kiss Simon on the head - something he does regularly with our dog...

Before the words of caution were out of our mouths... Simon let out a quick yet unfortunately quiet growl which Jake missed followed by a pretty decent nip to Jake's bottom lip. Jake jumped back (the dog followed barking) and Jake snapped into the Tree pose so fast I thought I'd seen him turn to stone. I couldn't believe he actually thought to do it - it had been over a year since we've had time to play Doggone Crazy. The dog immediately stopped barking, jumped back into his blankie and further trouble was thus averted. Jake began listing all of the things he should have noticed about the scene - pretending he was reading off of a Doggone Crazy card... dog in master's lap, ears down, growl...

Jake's lip is just fine. The 'bite' truly looks like a couple of needle pricks yet the boy learned a hugely valuable lesson. I'd bet he'll look A LOT more carefully for the signs next time he tries to cuddle someone else's dog!

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