Friday, January 8, 2010

Teresa's Bad Rules

We haven't talked about the bad rules for a while, so the beginning of a new year seems like a good time. Teresa's bad rules are so named because the kids in her dog obedience class don't really like most of them and some have called them "the bad rules". Most rules have a Do and a Do Not portion. We would like to be able to keep the rules in a positive light, but some kids do need to have everything spelled out and unfortunately are accustomed to being told what not to do.

Here are the rules:

  1. Do not hug a dog, put your face close to his face or lie on him. Do sit beside your dog, rub his chest or scratch him on the side of the neck.

  2. Do not play chase-me games with a dog. Do play hide and seek - where the dog has to find you or an object that you hide.

  3. Do not play tug-of-war games with a dog. Do play fetch with the dog - teach the dog to trade the object for a treat so he won't try to tug.

  4. Do not lean over or step over a dog. Do respect a dog's resting place - go around him or ask an adult to move the dog.

  5. Do not bother a dog who is sleeping, eating, has a toy or bone, is hurt or has puppies. Do wait for the dog to come to you for attention.

  6. Do not dress a dog up in play clothes. Do dress up your stuffed animals.

  7. Do not hit a dog or poke him with a stick. Do be gentle with dogs.

  8. Do not pull a dog's ears, tail or fur. Do scratch the dog's chest or the side of her neck - most dogs enjoy this.

  9. Do not stick fingers or hands into the dog's crate. Do ask an adult to let the dog out of the crate if you want to pet her.

  10. Do not play in the dog's crate. Do play "in and out of the crate" with the dog - toss a treat in - dog goes in to get it - dog comes back out - toss another treat in etc (with adult supervision).

  11. If your dog does not welcome you with wagging and panting - leave him alone. Do wait for the dog to come to you for attention.

  12. If your dog gets too rough or excited, be a tree until he gets bored and goes away.

  13. Do not run and shout around a dog that is not in a crate. Do be calm around dogs; involve the dog in an activity such as chewing on a bone or playing fetch so he doesn't feel that he needs to chase you to have fun.

Who is Teresa anyway?

Download a PDF version of the bad rules that you can hand out.

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