Sunday, April 11, 2010

Recommended Product - What is My Dog Saying? CD

What is My Dog Saying?

CD produced by Carol Byrnes of Diamonds in the Ruff

This CD (also available as a download) contains a well-organized PowerPoint presentation about dog body language. This explains how to interpret the signals dog send to people, other animals and to each other. There are over 100 slides in the presentation and many videos to help explain how dogs communicate. This CD would be great for dog owners who want to understand their dog better, trainers and dog professionals who want to update their knowledge or provide staff training. The PowerPoint format means that you can use the presentation or its contents to offer presentations of your own to staff or the public.

This is available from  Dogwise

Doggone Safe earns commission on sales

For the month of April 2010 you can purchase this for a $5 discount from Diamonds in the Ruff using the code DGsafe at checkout. This discount is available only through Diamonds in the Ruff and only until the end of April 2010.

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