Friday, June 4, 2010

Excellent New Benefits for Doggone Safe Members!

We are pleased to announce some fabulous new benefits for Doggone Safe members that are being offered by some other organizations that support our mission to promote education and safety around dogs:

$10 off the Dogs & Storks DVD by Family Paws

10% off all books and DVDs from the Latham Foundation

10% off the Certified Humane Education Specialist courses from the Humane Society of the US

10% off everything in the store from the ASPCA

We extend our sincerest thanks to these organizations for their support!

Doggone Safe members can assess discount codes and other information about how to receive the discounts by visiting the members section of the Doggone Safe website.

Click here for more information about the benefits of Doggone Safe membership or to join.


  1. I am a bit disheartened to see HSUS there as their agenda is not ultimately dog or dog owner friendly.

  2. They are offering a discount on their Certified Humane Educator online courses. This program is consistent with the mandate of Doggone Safe.