Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summary of the Usefulness of the Canine Dominance Model in Dog Training by Dr. Stanley Coren

In the July 20, 2010 issue of Psychology Today's Canine Corner blog, Dr. Stanley Coren explains the rise and fall of the "alpha dog" concept as it applies to dog training. He concludes that the use of force or dominance in dog training is not supported by the available scientific evidence and that positive reinforcement-based training is best.

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  1. Way to go Stan the man! This article is, exciting thought provoking and powerful exchange of ideals. Suffice to say, “ that was then, this is now!” It is with great honour that your article grace our Doggone Safe newsletter!
    Our members of Doggone safe are not all dog trainers, some are dog lovers, while others are dog bite victims, while others are parents who have a dog and some do not. Either way, no matter what the audience, they will benefit from reading your article and your books.
    I hope that each and every member, who receives this newsletter, reads and shares your article.
    Prevention is everything they say, however, one can’t prevent what they don’t know. So thanks again Dr. Coren you really are Stan the Man! Kudo's to you!
    Teresa Lewin
    VP Doggone Safe Inc.