Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Child Killed by a Chained Dog

Four year old Taylor Becker was killed last week in Iron Ridge Wisconsin by a dog tied in a friend's back yard. There was no adult supervision and no-one saw what happened. This was the fourth serious attack by a chained dog on a child in August in the US and the 23rd in 2010 (according to Mothers Against Dog Chaining).

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This is another terrible tragedy that could have easily been prevented. Tied dogs are extremely dangerous for children (adults too).

  • Do not tie your dog - find another solution
  • Never allow a child to be in the presence of a tied dog (even with adult supervision)
  • Do not allow your child to visit at a home where the dog is tied
  • Teach your children to stay out of a tied dog's area
  • Teach your children to report tied dogs on their school route to you so that you can investigate and create a new route  
  • If your child delivers papers or conducts other door-to-door activities be sure that they will not encounter tied dogs
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