Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Articles About Bite Prevention and Why Dogs Bite

Here are links to some great articles that all dog owners should read to better understand why dogs might bite and how to prevent this. Most dog owners assume that their dog will never bite, but every dog has a limit to what he will tolerate and many dogs are fearful without owners being aware of this. There is a long chain of behaviors and events that precede a bite and intervention at any step along the way can prevent a bite.

Teaching Bite Inhibition - by Pat Miller

In this article, behavior expert Pat Miller explains how to teach a puppy or older dog about bite inhibition, explains why it is never a good idea to punish a dog for biting or growling, and gives the important advice to dog owners that they should not take their dog's good bite inhibition for granted. Even a dog with rock solid bite inhibition needs to be rewarded for his good behavior to keep this strong.

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Reinforcing Your Dog's Training Throughout His Lifetime - by Nancy Kerns

This article delves further into the importance of continued vigilance and training and reinforcing good behavior throughout the lifetime of the dog. It is not enough to train and then assume that the training will last forever. Training is a continuous process and it is important to continue to provide situations in which the dog can succeed and then reinforce desirable behavior. Nancy Kerns tells a story about her own dog, who has several fears and explains how important it is to be aware of how your dog is feeling and to work on making him comfortable in fear-inducing situations so that he won't feel the need to bite.

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Letting Your Dog Sleep on the Bed With You - by Pat Miller

This article explores the myth of the dominant dog trying to take over the world by sleeping on your bed. Pat Miller explain how to decide if the dog should sleep on the bed, in a crate or elsewhere and what to do if the dog exhibits annoying or aggressive behavior in the bed. Again she stresses the futility and danger of punishing the dog for growling to warn people off the bed.

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