Sunday, September 26, 2010

Be a Tree - Confessions of a First Time Presenter

Thanks to Dana Martin of Wag the Dog Training (Calgary AB) for sharing her experiences with her first Be a Tree presentations on the Doggone Safe Yahoo discussion group.

Join the discussion group to learn from other members and presenters and to download the quiz that Dana mentions in her post.

Just wanted to let you all know how the presentations went today, after you all went out of your way to support me and answer my MANY questions this past week! Today I saw a kindergarten class and 3 separate grade 1/2 classes - what a riot!! The kids loved it and had a blast and I think I had more fun than the kids. I have also already been asked to talk to a group of girl scouts by one of the teachers and received a ton of positive feedback from the principal. The one thing I did find with the younger kids is that when it comes to question and answer time, you are more likely to get (very long and detailed) stories about "my friend's cousin's dog" than any actual questions! However one kindergarten boy did ask me if it was okay to pet his cat's back?

Tomorrow is the older grades - I will let you know how that goes:)

Day two at the elementary school involved another kindergarten plus grades 3 - 6. It actually went really well, and I was surprised by how much the grade 6 kids got into it. The quiz really seemed to help (I gave it to grades 5 and 6)...and I only had one eye-roller in those grades which I think is pretty good:) I actually saw a couple of kids "be a tree" in the schoolyard since then. And apparently, there are now a few younger kids who are determined to be dog trainers when they grow up! (we gotta recruit 'em young) It was interesting to note that with the grade 4 & 5 classes, I was only given 25 minutes to go through everything, and I would say that they probably enjoyed the presentation the least (much less interaction and time for fun) so in future I would be firm that 45 minutes is needed.

I have uploaded the quiz I gave the older kids (grades 5 and 6) into the files was great to see their faces when I told them that all the answers were false. They were especially surprised to find out that petting the head and ears was not great, and that you should never "punish the growl" (I specifically asked them to share that one with their parents as that is something I didn't used to know either!)

Thanks again to everyone for their support!


Click here for more information about the Be a Tree program

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