Friday, November 12, 2010

Praise for Basic Dog Body Language Online Course from the Latham Letter

The Latham Letter published this wonderful review of the Doggone Safe Basic Body Language online course in its fall edition:

Media Review: Basic Dog Body Language Online Course
By Judy Johns

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Basic Dog Body Language course, one of several excellent online courses that are a joint effort between Doggone Safe and Doggone Crazy! This is an amazingly thorough and useful course, whatever your existing knowledge might be. I highly recommend it because it emphasizes both safety and empathy for dogs.

As creators Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin explain, “The Basic Dog Body Language online course answers the question “do dogs have feelings?” and describes many dog body language signs that help us understand what dogs might be feeling. The course covers individual body parts as well as overall body postures. You will learn how to look for clues in each body part and to look for clues in the environment to help figure out how a dog might be feeling and why he might have those feelings. There are many photos and videos that illustrate dog body language with explanations and interpretation. “The information presented in this course is important for two main reasons: 1) safety and 2) developing empathy for the dog. Dogs that are anxious are more likely to bite than dogs that are happy. It is important for anyone interacting with a dog to be able to look at the dog and know whether the dog is happy and will welcome the interaction or is anxious and may feel the need to defend itself by biting. We all want our dogs to have a happy life and not be anxious or unhappy. By learning to speak dog, we can more readily understand what the dog is feeling and take steps to reduce anxiety that we may be inadvertently causing for our dogs.

Understanding the dog better leads to the development of empathy for the dog and this in turn leads to a better relationship and a better life for the dog. The observation skills that you will develop from taking this course will be helpful in interactions with dogs, other animals and people too!

“This course qualifies for continuing education credits from many professional dog training and veterinary technician organizations.”

Basic Dog Body Language
Course site:
Teacher: Teresa Lewin
Cost: $30.00

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