Sunday, February 27, 2011

Praise for Be a Tree Presenters

I was looking through our old newsletters and found these wonderful letters written about some of our Be a Tree presenters. These were originally published in our newsletter in Apr 2007.

Tonji at Be a Tree presentation in Newfoundland

"Just wanted to touch base with you about a presentation we had at the school by Tonji Stewart (of Holyrood, Newfoundland) called "Doggone Safe". The presentation informed our Grade Two and Three students on how they should act around dogs. It told them the signs to look for when approached by a dog and gave the steps that they should follow in dealing with dogs. I thought the presentation was excellent and Tonji did a great job of keeping it interactive and interesting. I strongly recommend this presentation to other schools. Just a thought. As I said, our teachers and students felt they learned a lot."

Robin McGrath; Principal - Holy Cross School

"Sandi Wright (of Hinton, Alberta) did a presentation for our four playschool classes on dog safety. This presentation was very well organized and very informative. She had wonderful pictures to keep our little three and four year olds very attentive. Sandi also had a stuffed dog for the children to practice safely meeting a dog. I would highly recommend Sandi to others for this wonderful presentation."

Alma O'Rourke; Children's Creative Playschool

Comments about Kerry Potter-Kotecki's presentation...

"I personally thought that you were wonderful!!! The kids were totally into everything that you had to say. You spoke to them in a nice, calm and sweet voice that was not at all frightful. You had all of the kids involved and took the time to answer their questions. They especially loved the dog that your brought. Giving them materials to take home reinforced the program that you did in school because the parents then were able to question the children about what they learned.

The only thing that I would have done differently was having the kids sit more in a semi circle around you instead of in a straight line. That was my fault because I asked them to sit on the red line on the floor in the gym. I think if they were a little closer to you the would be able to not get distracted from being too far on the end of the line. So what you said, did and explained to all those kindergarten, second and fourth grade girls was very informative and I honestly think they all got it.

This program is a wonderful thing."

Patti, Girl Scout Leader

"She [Jan Kay of Kindersley, Saskatchewan] gave them a lot of practical strategies to use when dealing with or being confronted by a dog. It's a really good reminder for them not to assume our friends or neighbor's or even our own dog is going to be in a good mood or friendly. When I went back to the class they talked non-stop about what they learned."

Kim Edgerton; Grade 3 Teacher, Elizabeth School

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