Friday, February 4, 2011

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming events that might interest you. These are events in which Doggone Safe members are participating in some way. If you are a Doggone Safe member you may submit an event that qualifies under our submission guidelines. Here is a link to our events page:

Doggone Safe cofounder Teresa Lewin will be at the Pet Funfest in Downsview ON on Feb 12-13 teaching kids and families about how to be safe around dogs and how to read dog body language. Come and meet Teresa and have fun learning to be a dog detective with the Be a Tree program.

Doggone Safe cofounder Joan Orr will be at Clicker Expo in Chicago on May 18-20.

Of particular interest to humane educators will be the APHE annual conference. This is the only conference we know of with a theme dedicated to humane education. You might also like to consider joining the APHE.

Event: Pet Funfest
Date: Feb 12-13
Location: Downsview park, Downsview ON

Description: Come to shop, come to play, come to learn about pet adoption and perhaps meet your next pet. Over 70 vendors and animal welfare groups all indoors with a 2,400 sq ft off leash dog play area.

Event: Understanding and Solving Canine Behaviour Problems - Presented by Durham College
Date: Feb 23
Location: Durham College ON, Oshawa Campus

Description: Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to join an expert and develop an understanding of how both genetics and the learning process influence the appearance of  behaviour problems in dogs. Methods of solving common issues such as aggression and separation anxiety will be examined using audio-visual aids and case studies.

Link: Durham college online course registration
Event: Association of Professional Humane Educators Annual Conference
Date: Feb 24-25
Location: Fort Myers FL

Description: Join APHE for two great days packed with amazing presentations and professional networking opportunities.This is the national conference for humane educators.

Link: APHE conference registration and info
Event: Clicker Expo
Date: Mar 18-20
Location: Chicago IL

Description: Unparalleled interaction between you and our top  teachers sets ClickerExpo apart. Fifty insightful sessions, hands-on Learning Labs, lunchtime roundtable discussions, and special dinnertime events give you the most opportunities to learn from the best.

Link: Clicker Expo registration and information
Event: Exploring the Dog's Mind - Professional Animal Behavior Associates
Date: May 13-15
Location: University of Guelph, Guelph ON

Description: For twenty-one years PABA has given annual seminars on canine behavior and learning. It has always been our goal to bring to you accredited speakers providing statistically accurate cutting edge information. Each year we attempt to equal or surpass the quality of previous years. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we are disappointed. This year we are bursting with anticipation!

Dr. Andrew Luescher
Dr. Jaak Panksepp
Karen Pryor
Dr. Alexandra Horrowitz
Dr. Meghan Herron
Kathy Sdao
Pat Miller

Our speakers WORLDLY - AWESOME - DAZZLING – FORMIDABLE Don’t miss them!


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