Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Be a Tree Webinars

We are pleased to announce the first ever Be a Tree webinars to help our presenters give the most effective presentations possible. Join dog behavior consultant Jennifer Shryock for two 1 hour sessions all about the Be a Tree program. You don't have to be a Be a Tree presenter to register. If you are just wondering what the Be a Tree program is all about, this is a great way to find out!

Part 1 on Apr 20, 2011 will cover the basics of the program:
The Tools: the tools that children have on their bodies and in their heads and how they can use them to stay safe around dogs.

The Dogs: how to read dog body language and understand common signals that dogs send to let us know whether they want to meet us or not.

Meeting a Dog: how to meet a dog safely.

The Games: how to engage the children in the games and activities that are part of the program and that help to cement their learning.

Part 2 on Apr 27, 2011 will cover adaptations of the program for different ages ranging from preschooler to highschooler.

Each session will be presented twice at 11 AM and 9 PM on the same day. You may attend at one time on the 20th and at a different time on the 27th if you like.

You can attend one or both Parts. You may attend only Part 2 if you are already an experienced presenter of the program, but even those with experience will benefit from Jen's clever ideas in Part 1!

The sessions will be recorded and posted for sale in the Doggone Safe store after the fact so that you can still get the information even if you can't attend. We encourage you to attend the live sessions if you can because these will be interactive and there will be assignments from the first session to discuss in the second session.

There will be a nominal $5 charge for each session. CEUs from CCPDT are pending.

Each part qualifies for 1 CEU from IAABC

Register for Part 1

Register for Part 2

About the Presenter

Doggone Safe US Vice President Jennifer Shryock is an experienced Be a Tree presenter and was involved in the development of the program. Jen is a certified dog behavior consultant and owner of the Company Family Paws, which offers the Dogs & Storks program and the Dog and Baby Connection program. All Jen's professional activities center around family safety and harmony with the family dog. More about Jen

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