Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Webinars from Super Trainer Susan Garrett

We wanted to let you know about this great opportunity to hear from super trainer Susan Garrett about dog training. Every one of Susan's dogs have won national or world championships in the sport of agility. Susan has won national or world championships 50 times. Why does she win so consistently? It is because of the way she trains. Her training methods are the exact same methods that any pet dog trainer can use to develop a fabulous family pet. Susan herself says that even if she were never to step into a competition ring again she would train her dogs the exact same way she does for the competition dogs. Learn from Susan about how to train effectively and efficiently without using any physical force, punishment or corrections.

Watch these free webinars that will help you learn why your dog might not come when called and what you can do about this. Susan covers many training principles that you can apply in your relationship with your own dog.

Here is a link to the free Webinars:


This is the type of information that all dog owners need to know about training and how to use reinforcement efficiently and effectively to change a dog's behavior.


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  2. This webinar is for all Endurance Nation members, friends and training partners. Please invite them to attend our webinar.