Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun with Be a Tree

by Dana Martin

Just thought it might brighten your day to hear a few little stories from my school presentations today - throughout the day saw all 228 students at an elementary school and had a blast (sometimes feels like I'm doing this more for me than for the kids!)

- used the "quiz" for the 5/6 students again, and again it blew them away, didn't believe all the answers were false!

- had one of the K and grade 1 groups "do a pledge" out loud ("I will never put my face up to a dog's face") - then told them if they promise to keep the pledge I would give them all a sticker and certificate (very sneaky if I say so myself 'cause of course they were getting them anyway!)

- very best part of my day - when about 50 K - 2 kids all swarmed me with hugs at the end of the presentation, with one commenting that she really really liked me, thought I was very smart and how did I get so smart anyway? (would have given a shout out to Joan and Teresa at that point but was too overcome with emotion - hee hee)

Can't wait for the big event in May!

Dana (still feelin' the love from today)
Wag the Dog Training

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