Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sally Cleland Wins Award from the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association

Sally receives award from Dr. John Ayers
Congratulations to Dr. Sally Cleland for winning the 2010 Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association Award for Public Relations for her work with dog bite prevention. Sally received her award at the SVMA annual conference. She told us:
"This was even more special as there were 28 of my classmates at the banquet because we were celebrating our 35th year reunion!! I got a standing ovation from the Class of '75!!!  I was totally surprised!!
We are just thrilled for Sally and very proud of all the she has accomplished! Sally is a long time supporter of Doggone Safe and a Be a Tree presenter. Sally has traveled around Saskatchewan teaching school children and adults about how to read dog body language and act safely around dogs. She has done a lot of educating in the First Nations communities both in person and via radio interviews.Sally has spoken at conferences, engineered a well-attended press conference and has been interviewed for print, radio and television all across the province. Sally even has a different wonderful hat for every occasion!

Sally interviewed on CTV News
Sally has spread the word to many other organizations including the Ministry of Education, the Saskatchewan Safety Council, the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute and the St. John Ambulance. Please see the links below for letters from two of these organizations that were the results of Sally's efforts:

Letters from Saskatchewan Prevention Institute and Saskatchewan Safety Council

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