Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Product Recommendation - Dog and Baby Connection

We are pleased to tell you about this new product from Jennifer Shryock of Family Paws. The Dog and Baby Connection is a presentation that is designed for presentation by dog professionals to parents of babies and toddlers who have a dog in the family.

The Dog and Baby Connection program delivers essential information for dog owners who also have a baby or toddler in the home. Program creator Jennifer Shryock has once again produced something that gives gentle but firm advice to parents to empower them to create an environment that fosters harmony between dog and baby. The program addresses the needs of both dog and baby and deals with the the changes that occur as the baby grows to an active toddler. Jennifer shows parents how to include the dog in family activities while respecting the dog's needs and keeping the baby safe. She recommends specific training approaches to ensure that the dog is never a threat to the baby and to ensure that the dog likes being in the presence of the baby and does not develop any fear or animosity toward the baby. The DABC program teaches parents to be proactive, to evaluate the environment in the home and recognize potential growl or grumble zones and to supervise actively. Any parent following the advice given in this program can be assured that they are doing the best for both their dog and baby. I highly recommend the Dog and Baby Connection to any parent with a baby or toddler in the house. It is an essential follow-up to Jennifer Shyock's highly acclaimed Dogs and Storks program, for expectant parents.

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