Monday, August 15, 2011

Community Event Display Ideas

We wanted to share some great ideas for community event displays that members have sent over the years. Manning a booth at a community event (pet fairs, mall displays, school events, shelter fundraisers etc) is a great way to help promote your cause or business. Using content from Doggone Safe gives interesting and useful information that the public really responds to. There is a lot of free content at the Doggone Safe website, including photos and handouts. You can use any material found at the site for educational purposes with credit given to Doggone Safe as the source. Here is a link to our free resources page:

If you are a Doggone Safe member, you are entitled to add your company logo ans contact information to many of the handouts. Here are two links (requires member login):

If you own the Doggone Crazy! board game, the manufacturer (Doggone Crazy!) gives you permission to copy and enlarge the cards for use in non-profit community event displays with credit given to the source.

Here are some photos to give you some ideas...

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