Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some Messages from Kids About the Be a Tree Program

Kids love the Be a Tree program, and presenters love getting feedback from kids. Here are some quotes from kids that some of the Be a Tree presenters have shared with us:
"...I learned a lot from that presentation, it was very interesting. I told my Mom about it and she was amazed ... I saw this mean dog one day and I did the tree ..."
"... I liked the part when we got to come to front of the class and act things out. I didn't know that dogs don't like hugs and kisses ..."
"... It is helpful because if I see a strange dog I will know what to do. I also learned that dogs get scared too. I enjoyed learning about keeping safe ..."
" ... I really enjoyed doing the actions like the tree ... I am kind of afraid of dogs, but now I feel much safer ..."
Here are some end-of-the-year messages some kids wrote in their memory books to a child whose mother had come in earlier in the year with the Be a Tree program. The children were to write about the things they liked most, or were most important to them that happened during the school year.
“I liked it when your mom came in to show the class how to behave with dogs because now I am OK around them!”
“ The Be a Tree thing was fun. I thought it was good”
“ Do you remember when your mom did the be a tree thing? It was fun learning how to be safe when a bad dog comes near you.”
“ I thought it was Awesome when your mom came in for that be a tree thing now I am not so afraid of big dogs.”
Click here for more information about the Be a Tree program and how you can become a presenter or book a session for your school or group.

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