Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Healthy Pet is a Safer Pet

Healthy and happy pets are less likely to bite, than pets who are ill or in pain. Keeping pets fit has many health benefits and can also keep your kids safer. Be sure to give healthy treats for training and cut down on food at meals to balance out the calories from treats.

Check out this fun infographic from Pet365 to help you understand pet obesity:

Pet Obesity

Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365  Click here to view the full post.

Fun With Be a Tree

By Judi Dowson

Last Friday I did three pre-school classes. I like those little ones!!! As a result, I have a booking for three more in the New Year!

One little girl jumped up every time I held up a poster. She wanted to be the one to put it someplace for me! I even got one very shy little boy to be my "happy dog". Then he wouldn't leave me alone! LOL

I've put some feelers out for sponsoring the coloring books, as I am sure these little ones would get a huge kick out of them.

Along that line - I have a four year old in my obedience class (with Mum of course). This little one sits on the chair sideways, backwards, upside down totally oblivious to what I am telling or demonstrating. Yet, she's the first one in the middle of floor "working" her dog (a little poodle X) doing exactly what I was talking about. All along, I didn't think she was paying attention.

I should write a book!! LOL