Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun With Be a Tree

By Judi Dowson

Last Friday I did three pre-school classes. I like those little ones!!! As a result, I have a booking for three more in the New Year!

One little girl jumped up every time I held up a poster. She wanted to be the one to put it someplace for me! I even got one very shy little boy to be my "happy dog". Then he wouldn't leave me alone! LOL

I've put some feelers out for sponsoring the coloring books, as I am sure these little ones would get a huge kick out of them.

Along that line - I have a four year old in my obedience class (with Mum of course). This little one sits on the chair sideways, backwards, upside down totally oblivious to what I am telling or demonstrating. Yet, she's the first one in the middle of floor "working" her dog (a little poodle X) doing exactly what I was talking about. All along, I didn't think she was paying attention.

I should write a book!! LOL


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