Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Love Your Dog - Believe It or Not!

Think that your dog likes hugs and kisses? Well if he is like most dogs, then he does not enjoy this type of human affection. Children want to show love to dogs by giving hugs and kisses, because this how they show affection to people they love. Hugs are not a natural form of canine interaction to show affection. To show your dog that you love him, learn to give him the things that he really does like and teach your kids to do the same.

Most dog bites are to children, by the family dog or another dog known to the child. Hugs and kisses are a major cause of facial bites to children. Doggone Safe offers suggestions for safe ways to love your dog that the dog will appreciate.

Children (and adults too) often want to show love to dogs the way we show love to each other, through hugs and kisses. Dogs do not naturally understand this, or even enjoy it. Hugs and face-to-face contact can be very threatening to dogs. The dog may tolerate this for a while, but at some point may bite or snap to protect himself once he has exhausted all his means of more subtle warning. Some dogs do enjoy a hug from a special person, if it is on their terms and done with some extra scratching on the chest. Few, if any dogs enjoy hugs the way young children do this, which is to clasp around the neck and hang on. Parents, teach your children to avoid face-to-face contact with any dog (even their own dog) and to show love to the dog in ways other than hugging and kissing.

Doggone Safe offers the following suggestions for Valentine’s Day about how to love your dog in a way that the dog will appreciate.

Touch Your Dog
  • Invite your dog to come to you for attention. If your dog turns away or moves away, respect his wishes and leave him alone. Many dogs like to be near you, but not necessarily to be touched.
  • Scratch your dog on the side of the neck or on his chest.
  • Avoid hugs and kisses. People enjoy this, but most dogs don’t like hugs and kisses. They might tolerate it, but few actually enjoy it.
  • Invite your dog to sit with you while your read or watch TV. Let him lean on you or put his head on your lap on his terms.
  • Some dogs enjoy a scratch behind the ears. Most dogs don’t enjoy hands coming down on the top of their heads.
  • Pet your dog and then stop. If he tries to get you continue then you will know he likes it.

Play With Your Dog
  • Play games like fetch and hide and seek that do not involve chasing or rough play.
  • Take your dog for lots of walks.

Understand Your Dog
  • Learn to read dog body language so that you can understand what your dog is trying to tell you.
  • A happy dog pants and wags his tail loosely. He may wag all over.
  • An anxious dog might show a half moon of white in his eye or he may lick his lips or yawn. He may turn his head away or walk away. He wants to be left alone.
  • A dog that suddenly goes stiff and still is very dangerous and might be ready to bite.
  • A dog with his mouth closed and ears forward and/or with his tail held high is busy thinking about something and does not want to be bothered.

Reward Your Dog
  • Look for things your dog does right and give him a treat or praise, petting or play. Never hit or yell at your dog.
  • Give your dog a stuffed Kong or Chewber or other long lasting chew treat to enjoy while he lies on a mat or in a crate.


  1. Great post!

    I'm lucky in that Elka does like hugs and snuggles, and always has. But, not every dog does (as you say) and many dog owners are entirely unaware of what a lot of dog body language and signals mean.

  2. My boxers come up to me and hug me I didn't know that was not normal, they walk up when we are sitting and lay there heads on my shoulder and wait for me to put my arms around there necks.

    1. my boxer dose the same and I carry him in my arms like a baby too bad I won't be doing that soon he is growing fast and still wants to sit in my lap

  3. If the dog comes to you for hugs on his terms, that is nice. Most dogs will merely tolerate hugs, or will actively try to escape. It is important to understand dog body language and pay attention to what the dog is saying. if he yawns, licks his lips, turns his head away, or shows a half moon of white in his eye, then he is not enjoying, but i merely tolerating the hug. It is also important to protect you dog from strangers and especially children who may want to copy your behavior with the dogs. The dogs may not be as tolerant as they are with you.

  4. My little Zuchon is totally original then. She let's me kiss her. Hold her like a baby...she goes on her hind legs and paws at my legs when she wants "up" if I move away from her in bed she moves so she is touching me again. And lately she loves laying right on my chest and resting her head right on my chin. Hahaha

  5. My boxer/ger.shep dog enjoys hugs as well! My daughter will hug her and she'll lean in and even hug her back! She's very gentle with kids! If she starts playing a little too rough, we just say "Be careful, He/She's a Baby!" and she'll calm down right away!