Friday, January 27, 2012

Product Review: Cyber Dog Online Training Course

Since it is National Train Your Dog Month, what better time to review a new online dog training course designed for pet owners who want to train their dog at home! The course is called Cyber Dog and its unique design lets you choose what you want to work on and in what order. The teaching is done mostly using illustrative video online with access to a real live teacher, informative articles and online classroom as required.

The Cyber Dog course teaches you how to use clicker training, which is an exceptionally powerful and effective way to train. Doggone Safe recommends clicker training because of its effectiveness and ease of use and most importantly because it is a safe way for kids to train.

The first part of the course is called Start Smart and involves fun games to teach you how to have good clicker mechanics and how to deliver treats efficiently. After you have mastered these skills you are ready to start training your dog. You can then move on to any one of the modules:

Within each module there are various skills. Some skills are part of more than one module. There are 10 different skills to teach your dog. Each of these is presented in the course using a set of four videos. Each video teaches a more advanced version of the skill than the one before.

As you progress through the course you video tape your training sessions and send them in for your teacher to assess. You will work with your teacher and others in your group to improve your skills, discuss problems and find solutions together. Virtual classroom sessions are held regularly so that you will get the full attention of a world class clicker trainer.

The course is well-organized, yet provides a high degree of flexibility for the individual student. The instructional videos are excellent and show step by step how to train each skill. The videos are short and show real training with clicker training done right. If things are not going perfectly the trainer changes her strategy to make sure the dog succeeds. The trainers in the videos, who are also the teachers of the course are all outstanding and anyone would be fortunate to be able to work with any of them. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop a strong bond of love and respect with their dog, who wants a well-behaved, happy dog and/or who wants to involve their kids in training the dog.

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Here is a video that explains the course:

Home based study is a great way to learn since you can work at your own pace and you can control the distractions that your dog will need to work with. It is also essential for your dog and especially your puppy to get out into the world and meet other people, dogs and animals. Be sure to include social experiences as a key part of your dog training. 


  1. Thank you, Joan and Dog Gone Safe, for this great review of our exciting new course!

    Helix Fairweather

  2. Thanks for this review...I like the format and always on the look out for great ways to train dogs. I like how the course is divided into modules and the interactive component with the trainers included. I'm sure it's going to help a lot of dog owners.