Friday, March 23, 2012

Dog Awareness Signs - Get Yours Today!

The Liam J Perk Foundation has created a terrific sign that is very reasonably priced for parks and playgrounds to remind kids to be safe around dogs. If your community group is looking or a fund raising project, this would be a terrific project that will benefit the community for years to come. With Dog Bite Prevention Week coming up in the 3rd week of May, this is a perfect time to get started raising funds to get one of these signs.

Click here for more information about the sign and for an explanation of what all the symbols mean.

The sign will have a QR code so that people with smart phones can scan it and go directly to the Liam J Perk Website for additional information. Doggone Safe supports the Liam J Perk Foundation and is pleased to partner with them to help spread our messages about safety around dogs and educate about dog body language.

The sign comes in two versions. One is complete with a stand that you can mount in concrete and the other in an insert that you can attach to your own existing stand or to a fence or building.

You can customize the sign with the following information:
  • Park/location name w/logo
  • Donated by/event name or what ever you like to put in this area
  • Frame Color  - you can choose the frame color from a variety of choices
The cost of the sign with arch frame is $500 (price subject to change)

The cost of the insert is $375 (price subject to change)

Shipping cost is extra and will be quoted to you when you inquire about ordering a sign.

There is also a mini versions available in poster size for dog trainers, shelters, vet offices, pet stores, and groomers.
To order a sign, please contact Carrie Perk:

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  1. I can't read the sign, it doesn't blow up big enough.