Friday, March 15, 2013

Be a Tree in Regina SK

Thanks to Sally Cleland DVM for sending us news from a Be a Tree presentation she did for the grade 2/3 class at Grant Road School in Regina SK. As always the kids loved to hear from Dr. Sally and the teacher was full of praise for Sally and the Be a Tree program.

Sally wrote to us:
Am forwarding a few photos from the Grade 2/3 Class at Grant Road School here in Regina where last week I delivered the Be a Tree presentation - the teacher LOVED it and had the students work in their journals the following day to determine how much and what they retained - she was EXTREMELY pleased by how much they remembered and forwarded to me these photos of the students holding up their journals with dog bite prevention messages including DOGS DON'T LIKE HUGS AND KISSES, Be a Tree, Be a Rock and the ABCs as major points students recalled.  They also visited as a class.  She has invited me back after Christmas to a "reminder" session and for the students to learn more about dogs!!  I usually introduce myself as "Dr. Sally" and since this is the school my granddaughter now attends I am there fairly regularly and many of these Grade 2/3 students say "Hi Dr. Sally" to me in the hallway - it's so cute!!

Thanks to the students in grade 2/3 of Grant Road School for being great listeners and for sharing their journal entries with us!

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