Thursday, March 28, 2013

International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge Expanded for 2013

The Challenge will run from March through May 2013. This is by popular demand from presenters who have
requested to be part of the Challenge but schools want to book in March and April.

Doggone Safe challenged its presenters to visit schools and educate 50,000 children about dog safety during March-May. So far 52 presenters have pledged to educate over 30,000 children in six countries, six Canadian provinces and twenty four US states.

The Be a Tree Program

The “Be a Tree” program is a dog bite prevention presentation for school children. The program is delivered by Doggone Safe presenters, veterinary technicians, dog trainers, dog behaviorists, public health nurses, emergency medical services personnel, animal control officers, police officers, teachers and humane educators. Presenters use a teacher kit which contains large format photographs showing dog body language signs, games and activities. Program sponsors can purchase supplementary branded learning materials such as coloring books, paint sheets, a story book, a poster, stickers, bookmarks and fridge magnets. Over 700,000 children worldwide have experienced the Be a Tree presentation since 2004. Through the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge Doggone Safe intends to increase this number significantly.

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