Friday, May 31, 2013

The Latham Foundation Wins Telly Award!

Doggone Safe partner, the The Latham Foundation, wins a Telly Award for their wonderful video, Faith and hope on a Farm.

Faith and Hope on a Farm is an inspiring reminder of why we teach compassion, empathy, and respect to help break the cycle of abuse.

The film highlights Forget Me Not Farm in Santa Rosa, California, where at-risk children and animals bond and heal to break the cycle of abuse. Children learn gentle touch and respect for both other humans and animals through animal-assisted and horticultural activities at this safe haven.

The film features Faith, a formerly-abused child who was adopted by wonderful parents. You'll see her blossom at Forget Me Not Farm and you'll be reminded that where there's life, there's hope.

"Sometimes, I don't be gentle, now I'm practicing". "Sometimes when I keep something in my heart, it stays there". - Faith

(All ages; 15 minutes. Social Studies, Science)

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