Thursday, October 23, 2014

Announcing Our New Spokesperson: Kaylin Roberson

Doggone Safe is thrilled to announce that recording artist Kaylin Roberson will be its official

Kaylin, a dog attack survivor, recently released her single “Life Must Go On” which details her experience of coping with her attack and subsequent scars, both emotional and physical. “Kaylin’s song is a great fit for Doggone Safe, with its messages of hope and strength for dog bite survivors, and indeed anyone facing challenges in their lives”, said Doggone Safe president, Joan Orr.

Doggone Safe’s mandate includes supporting dog bite victims and educating kids, parents and dog owners about how to read dog body language, act safely around dogs and avoid dog bites. “When I found out about Doggone Safe and the amazing work they are doing to educate kids all over the world and help dog bite victims, I knew that I wanted to help them spread their messages”, said Kaylin Roberson, who was severely injured at the age of 9 when a family dog bite her in the face. “Dog bites are seriously life changing and most could be prevented if people just knew more about dogs”, said Kaylin.

“We are really excited to have Kaylin join our team. Her song is very moving and inspirational and she will make a great role model and spokesperson to help us reach more young people with our safety and victim support messages”, said Kerry Potter-Kotecki, Doggone Safe vice president and herself the mother of a child who survived a vicious mauling by a pack of dogs when she was just 5 years old.

Kaylin will be the face and voice of several educational campaigns that Doggone Safe will run on social media over the next 3 months. Kaylin will be available for radio and online interviews worldwide and television and live appearances in the New York City and Raleigh-Durham areas.

To book an interview or appearance from Kaylin please contact Larry Spann

Check out Kaylin's music video (click on the YouTube logo to view it on YouTube, where you can click on the Like icon and also see Kaylin's other music videos):

 Halloween Tips from Kaylin and Doggone Safe


 Public Service Announcements Featuring Kaylin and Kerry Potter


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Safety Tips

Check out this video for some great tips for keeping kids and dogs safe on Halloween.

Download and share our Doggone Safe Halloween safety handout, press release and safety tips.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

World Rabies Day Celebration Report from Liberia

By Morris Darbo - Doggone Safe Liberia Coordintaor

The issue of rabies still remains a serious and neglected concern in Liberia, a country without easy accessibility to anti-human rabies vaccine or rabies vaccine for dogs. Very little is known about this neglected and deadly disease in Liberia. The people of Liberia keep dogs for several reasons- for hunting, securities, pets, and income. When there is an outbreak of rabies in any community, killing of dogs has been the common and only method used to eradicate the spread of the disease. Dogs are killed randomly and eaten by organized groups. LAWCS has done lot of education in discouraging people from eating dog meat and changes are taking place gradually.

Every year, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society with support from Doggone Safe Canada organizes educational activities with school children and community members educating them about rabies and dog bite prevention.

In the heat of the currently serious health crisis Liberia is faced with in fighting another deadly disease, Ebola that continues to take the lives of many innocent people, LAWCS in partnership with Doggone Safe Canada conducted educational programs from September 1 to 30, 2014. These sessions educated children and their parents about rabies, dog bite prevention and responsible pet ownership. All of these activities were geared toward protecting children and their parents from dog bites, and improving the relationship between dogs and their owners. When people are educated about rabies, they can become prepared to address any outbreak without killing all the dogs in the communities. They will also start to care for their dogs and to improve the health and living conditions.

LAWCS` volunteers visited 35 communities with the world rabies day celebration program and educated 2653 parents and 3972 children. A total of 6,625 people were reached and inspired with the rabies and dog bite education activities.

We are grateful to the family of Doggone Safe, most especially Joan C. Orr for the financial support given to LAWCS which made the program a successful one.

Editor's Note:

Morris and the team at LAWCS in addition to rabies and dog bite prevention have been providing hand washing supplies and educating in the poorest communities about Ebola prevention. The area served by LAWCS is the hardest hit area by Ebola and there are many orphans. LAWCS is also trying to provide shoes, clothes and psychological support for the orphans. If you would like to help Morris and his team to provide life-saving supplies of buckets, soap and bleach and most importantly hope and education, please donate to Operation Handwash. Click here to donate - even $2 is a big help!