Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Doggone Safe Holiday Safety Tips

Doggone Safe has created images to go along with its child/dog safety tips for the holidays.

There are 22 tips altogether. You can download these individually to share any way you want, or you can download all the tips in one free ebook and share that as well.

Click here to download the tips individually or as a PDF. You may share these any way you want, without any changes.

Here are some of the tips:


  1. HI There, sorry if this is confusing.. somehow, I could only get in here with one of my work accounts... I am the co-founder of the Ontario "Pit Bull" Co-op, we are huge fans of the work you do and just wanted you to know that we will be downloading these tips and handing them out on our family events.... still many to go before Xmas!! We also share your FB posts on our page and have added you into our "about" section! Thanks again for all you do!!! Sincerely, Debbie Black

  2. It is not only humans who need some time alone with themselves. Dogs too need to have peace. These safety tips for dogs are amazing. I didn't know few things which I learned from this article.

    Arnold Brame