Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to School Sale - Doggone Crazy! Board Game - 20% Off

The Doggone Crazy! board game was created as a fun way to teach kids and parents how to read dog body language and act safely around dogs. Statistics show that most dog bites are by the family dog. In most cases the family is stunned and did not see it coming. The dog has always been good with the kids, he loves kids, he bit out of the blue with no warning. These beliefs are generally fasle and stem from unrealistic expectations about the dog. No-one has ever watched the dog closely to see whether he really does enjoy the attention he gets from the children, or whether there are signs that sometimes he does not want to be bothered. The family just assumes that because the dog has tolerated certain behavior from the kids (hugging, kissing, lying on the dog, lying in the dog's bed, taking the dog's toys and food away), that he will continue to do so, or that he "lets the kids do anything". The fact is that dogs do not bite for no reason and they give many warnings before they do get to the point of biting or growling. Most people simply do not know what to look for and so do not notice that the dog is communicating his discomfort with the kids. The Doggone Crazy! board game offers a fun way for kids and parents to learn about the signals dogs send and how to tell if a dog is happy or anxious.

The game also teaches about the proper way to act in any scenarios with dogs that kids might encounter both with their own dog, with other people's dogs and with strange dogs running loose. Playing the game provides many opportunities to practice the critical skill of "being a tree" if a strange dog approaches or any dog is frightening or bothering them. This practice give kids a much better chance of being able to do the right thing in a stressful situation with a scary dog. Indeed many parents have written to tell us that their child (or even themselves) remembered to be a tree in a situation with a loose, threatening dog and the dog went away.

Parents have also told us that playing the game reduced a previous fear of dogs in their child. We think this is because the game clearly shows the difference between a safe and a dangerous dog and shows many ways of interacting safely with a dog. This knowledge empowers children to make safe choices and to know that dogs communicate their feelings and that happy dogs are safe. The notion that dogs have feelings too makes them less scary for kids with fears.
"Doggone Crazy! is the first board game in a long time to keep my kids attention...they played the game so much that I wasn't allowed to touch the game for review until the week-end was over." Alyice Edrich - Editor-in-Chief - The Dabbling Mum - National Parenting Magazine
"This game makes it fun for children to learn how to behave toward dogs, and how to understand what dog expressions and actions mean. It's a positive and reinforcing tool for enhancing child safety, reducing bite risk, and improving the human-animal bond." Karen Pryor, author of Don't Shoot the Dog and CEO of Karen Pryor Clicker Training (
"I love your game! It's the dad, my mom, my sister and I played. We all loved playing your game. It taught me a lot about dogs and how to act around them." Rachel - Age 10

The game is on sale until the end of September 2014 at the Doggone Safe store. Use the code FALLGAME to get 20% off. North America only.

Watch this video for an overview of the game:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

World Rabies Day, Sept 28 - Free Resources

World Rabies Day is fast approaching. Click here for a list of things you can do to take part.

September 28 is an opportunity for people around the world to unite in rabies prevention.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people like you organize and take part World Rabies Day. All over the world people take part in local, regional and national events, held to raise awareness about and/or prevent the spread of rabies.

What can you do?

The individual events themselves vary enormously, from educating village elders in remote areas to national media campaigns, from sponsored runs to mass dog vaccinations.


When people know about rabies, understand how is is transmitted and what to do when a person is exposed to the virus, lives are saved.

There are lots of ways to raise awareness - you could organize a rally, visit a school to talk to the children about safety around dogs, and/or encourage your local newspaper or radio station to recognize World Rabies Day.

Free Resources

Visit the Alliance for Rabies Control for free resources (posters, fact sheets, videos and more)

Download one of our free postcards. One features animals from North America and the other features dogs and cats.

Side 1

Side 2 - Dogs and Cats

Side 2 - North American Animals

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Photo Contest Winners! Many Moods of Dog

Doggone Safe is pleased to announce the winners of our Many Moods of Dog photo contest. One of our key educational goals is to teach kids, parents and dog owners about dog body language and get people thinking about what dogs might be feeling. Dogs have feelings and they show their emotions through their body language. Dogs will be happier and people safer if everyone learns to read dog body language and interacts with dogs in ways that make them happy and content and not in ways that make them fearful, anxious or angry. This contest was intended to generate photos showing the various moods of dogs. The judging was based on photographic merit.

We are grateful to our wonderful judges Tula Asselanis and Judy Johns who had a difficult job in choosing from among all the wonderful entries.

Click here to view all the photos that were selected as semi-finalists from the more than 1100 entries.

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and congratulations to the winners. We want to give special mention Kaitlyn Vance of La Bella Vita Photography, who had 3 photos chosen for the top 10!

1st Prize: Andrea Mathews: Parker

2nd Prize: Kim Johnson: Ditto

3rd Prize: Nate Dahmers: Pepe and Pancho

Remainder of the Top 11 in no particular order:

Erin Maher: Willow

Yasemin Dunn: Riia and Fluffy

Karen S

Sarah Maher: Charlie

Michael Haslam: Laddie

Kaitlyn Vance: Brandy

Kaitlyn Vance: Pepper

Kaitlyn Vance: Clover and Leyla

Photo Contest Winners! Kids and Dogs 2014

Doggone Safe is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Kids and Dogs photo contest. The goal of the contest was to promote images of safe kid/dog moments to provide an alternative to the "cute but dangerous" photos of kids and dogs that are popular on social media. We wanted photos that show a wonderful bond between kids and dogs, where both parties are safe and content and the dog is with the child by choice. We want to show photos in which both the child and the dog are happy, with no hugging, kissing, sitting on the dog or other actions that dogs generally don't like.

We are very grateful for the help of our terrific panel of judges, who had a very difficult job choosing among the amazing group of entries. Thanks to Judy Johns, Tula Asselanis, Lisa Kelderman and Susan Fishbein!

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who entered! Click here to see the 65 photos that made it to the semi-finals out of the several hundred entries. Please share your favorites on social media to help spread our child/dog safety messages.

1st Prize: Dana Martin: Sadie and Amelia (also winner of the Grand Prize draw for an ipad from among the top 3 winners from each of our 2 photo contests)

2nd Prize: Emelie Johnson Vegh: Samuel and Scout

3rd Prize: Marie Nolan: Samantha and Jasmine

The rest of the top 11 in no particular order.

Kianna Lindsay

Jenny Osborne

Madeline Gabriel

Pat Gipps

Nancy Canty

Sara McLoudrey

Stacy Greer

Debra Berger

Dog Bite Prevention Challenge Report from Liberia

By Morris Darbo

DURATION: March 3, to May 23, 2014

SPONSOR: Doggone Safe Canada



Doggone Safe Canada is a strong partner to the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society. Through materials and monetary support from Doggone Safe Canada, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society has a sustainable dog bite prevention program established in 10 schools and an outreach program in additional 11 schools.

Dog bite prevention education is cardinal in rebuilding a country- Liberia where nearly 85% of the population lives below USD 1 dollar per day and the means of accessing anti- human rabies vaccine is nearly impossible. Dogs are part of the family circle but suffered as the result of rabies and the dog meat trade. When there is an outbreak of rabies, killing had been the only easier and common method used by community people. This method failed to eliminate or reduce the spread of the deadly and neglected disease. In partnership with Doggone Safe Canada, the Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society introduced the dog bite prevention program in various communities and schools in Lofa County, Liberia targeting mainly children- the main victims of dog bite. The program is making an impressive improvement in the fight against the spread of rabies and the killing of dogs as the mean of curtailing the spread of rabies. Today, as the result of LAWCS intervention, dog bite incident is drastically reduced in the communities where LAWCS is working and people continue to live happily with their dogs.

LAWCS presently has 5 teachers volunteering as dog bite prevention presenters in their various schools and communities.

These volunteers were trained and empowered with dog bite prevention materials to conduct activities with their school children.

13,949 students were trained during the awareness program.

Below are the schools and number of students educated during the program:

Voinjama Central Academy
New Life Community Sch.
Kormah Sharparhood Day Care
Kids Connection Day Care
Japan Cooperative Day Care
Voinjama Public Sch.
William A. Brown
Ansuwaru Arabic & English Sch
Kintorma Community School
Selega Public School
Selega Town
Tenebu Public School
Tenebu Town
Lawalazu Public School
Lawalazu Town
Koryanmai Public School
Koryanmai Town
Kabata Public School
Malamai Public School
Free Pentecostal Mission Sch.
Kolahun Central High School
Kolba City
School of Faith
Kolba City
Kolahun Evangelical School
Kolba City
Lankama Public School
Kolba City
Musa Kanneh Public School
Kolba City


We are grateful to Doggone Safe Canada for the monetary support given us that enable us to reach to these schools and educate the children on the prevention of dog bite.

We also want to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our volunteers who offered their time and services in reaching out to the children. These volunteers are:  Abraham Fofana, Korpo Mason, Emmanuel Vorgbor, Ruth Kollie and T. Akoi Yorlorba.